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Farnam Laser Sheen Concentrate 355 ml

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Superlucidating of the hair and instant extricant extricant for tail and mane.

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Details about “Farnam Laser Sheen Concentrate 355 ml”


Laser Sheen Concentrate is an innovative horse grooming product that performs three specific functions at the same time:

  • makes the coat incredibly shiny and shiny for a whole week.
  • It promptly unties the tail and mane knots, with antistatic effect.
  • it avoids the accumulation of dust and the formation of stains on the hair.

The use of the Laser Sheen Concentrate allows to halve the grooming times of the horse and above all to prolong its beneficial effects as it keeps the coat in perfect hygienic conditions for at least a week. With regard to the management of the tail and mane, the Laser Sheen Concentrate is particularly welcome to the groom as it instantly untangles any knots facilitating brushing and making the hair silky and shiny. The particular regular use of the Laser Sheen becomes crucial for horses living outdoors as its antistatic effect prevents even very long tails and manes from getting tangled.


Laser Sheen is a concentrated product and should not be used as such, but diluted with water at the dose of 100 ml (3 oz) per liter of water. On the side of the container are indicated dosage notches.
With a 355ml bottle, you get about 3.5 litres of finished product. This makes the Laser Sheen the cheapest quality product on the market.


Shake well before use. Remove the seal under the cap. Apply the product, diluted to the doses indicated, with a spray spray spray spray. Sprinkle profusely on the tail and mane and on the coat in the direction of the hair. Leave to dry and brush.

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