Kräuterlix Lickstone 1 Kg Stiefel

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Tasty reward

With valuable bronchial herbs
Tasty reward
With string attachment

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Stiefel Kräuterlix is a lickstone with many valuable, unadulterated herbs. The Kräuterlix lickstone is simply attached by its string inside the horse stall or pen and provides a tasty diversion for the horse.

Important storage information:
Store in a cool and dry place that is protected from direct sunshine to preserve the product quality.

SugarGlucose syrupNatural aniseed oil Herb mixtureStinging nettlesThymeSweet fennel fruitsPine needlesMarshmallow root Licorice root Ribwort ConeflowerAniseed fruits Carob gristIcelandic lichenSage leavesCalamus root Linden blossom

Crude protein 0,4 %
Crude oils and fats 2,6 %
Crude fibre 5,9 %
Crude ash 12 %
Total sugar 74,3 %