RP1 Insekten-Stop Spray Ultra Stiefel 500 ml

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Highly effective insect repellent

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Stiefel’s RP1 Insect Stop ULTRA – is now even stronger! This newly developed highly effective insect repellent now comes with even stronger protection from horseflies and ticks, according to biocide regulations. The active ingredient Saltidin® (Icaridin) offers your horse protection for hours.

The spray bottle easily lets you apply the product to large areas .
Especially effective when combined with the RP1 gel.
For both the horse and rider.
Stiefel RP1 has come out on top during several product tests and has features a certificate of quality.

How to apply best:

It is very important to apply the RP1 over your horse’s whole body- the combination of spray and the gel is most effective. The spray comes out in a fine mist and is perfect for large areas like your horse’s back. The gel is applied specifically to the head, chest and stomach from below.

The product is effective immediately.
The RP1 Gel is also suitable for horses that are sensitive to the noise of the sprayer.
The active ingredient Icaridin used in the RP1 products is nearly odourless to humans and does not annoy either humans or horses with an unpleasant scent. Insects, on the other hand, are definitely deterred. When the RP1 is applied to the horse’s coat, the volatile properties of the active ingredient create a thin, protective cloud of scent that can last for several hours. In addition, the active ingredient Icaridin is very skin-friendly and is safe to use for people or horses with sensitive skin.


Spray sparingly onto the coat from a distance of approx. 25 cm. Apply to sensitive horses using a rag or use the RP1 gel instead.
Riders can apply the RP1 sparingly to the skin. Avoid sensitive parts of the body (eyes, ears, nostrils and mucous membranes).
Use biocides carefully. Always read the product description before use. Keep the container tightly closed. Keep safe from small children. Do not use under the saddle or clothing. Do not spray on areas where the skin is damaged. Use only in well-ventilated areas, do not breathe in the spray. If swallowed, seek medical advice, bringing the spray with you. For external use only.