Cavalor Performix 20 Kg

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The daily dose of energy, average work.

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Cavalor® Perfomix it is a balanced food for horses in work, which is administered together with the daily ration of hay and straw.

Cavalor® Perfomix contains all the elements that both walking horses and active sports need in order to perform light/medium work. Horses that do the most work need elements that protect joints such as THE PRO ARTI.

Thanks to the high levels of copper, zinc and manganese, this mixture gives maximum support to the joints, skeleton and tendons that are always put to the test.

Cavalor® Perfomix contains high-quality cereals, highly digestible proteins, fatty materials, and easily digestible cellulose. The YEAST PLUS symbol indicates the presence of live yeasts that ensure the assimilation of all nutrients and that avoid acidification in the large intestine, thus reducing the risk of colic.